About Us

In the early part of the 20th c entury, when our mother was a little girl growing up in pleasant, nearby Kalimpong, in pre-independent India, she was taken up by a picturesque country cottage with a beautiful sounding name - “Springburn.”

One day she finally summoned enough courage to ask the stout Scottish lady of the house what ”Springburn” meant. Our mother was told that it was the name of the village in Scotland from where the lady hailed. On hearing this, our mother told the lady that she liked the name so much, that when she grew up and had a house of her own, she would also call it “Springburn”. the Scottish lady was horrified and shouted at my mother,” Go away! You can’t do that. There cannot be two houses with the same name in the same town.

”Many decades later, when our mother bought this property in 1973 she promptly named it “Springburn” after that pretty little village in Scotland and that beautiful little cottage in Kalimpong!

(Today, the village of Springburn has become a part of Glasgow, the sprawling second city of Scotland, ).